Classical Music of India

for Contemplation, Relaxation, Meditation, and Yoga

Let Raj's music on the bansuri bamboo flute carry you away into a soothing space

that facilitates introspection, contemplation, relaxation, and meditation




Raj Rangayyan with his Bansuri


Relax with ragas – mystical musical structures – that resonate with your environment and state of being

Experience how classical music can help you be mindful and improve your emotional balance


Raj received training on the bansuri bamboo flute from Sri K.P. Shenoy and on the sitar from Sri N.R. Rama Rao in India. He has given many performances in India, Canada, and Brazil. In Calgary, he has performed for the University of Calgary, the India-Canada Association and affiliated societies, the Raga Mala Music Society, the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, the City of Calgary, the Calgary Multicultural Centre, and the Glenbow Museum. His arrangements have included innovative combinations of many varieties of instruments and genres of music. He wishes to present and promote the classical music of India in its pure, serene, soothing, and natural acoustic character to facilitate yoga, meditation, contemplation, reflection, and relaxation.

Utpal was trained in the tradition of classical music of India. He is proficient in tabla, pakhawaj, and other musical instruments. He actively promotes awareness of world music by collaborating in fusion and new age music genres. He conducts music appreciation workshops and lecture demonstrations in South Asian Studies in educational institutions and regularly performs in world music ensembles on radio, television, and on the stage. He also trains in voice, rhythms, and chants for meditation and yoga groups. Utpal has coproduced and has been credited in several albums featuring Jazz, Flamenco, Celtic, Bluegrass, Latino, and Choir music.

Raj and Utpal have been performing together in Calgary for more than 30 years. They have provided guest lecture-demonstrations in courses on South Asia and World Music at the University of Calgary. Their music has been licensed to several prestigious museums as well as yoga and meditation schools. They have collaborated with several musicians of different genres, and firmly believe that music transcends all boundaries!

Raj and Utpal’s seven CDs with 50 compositions are available through iTunes, Google, Spotify, Amazon and many other distributors. 

We wish you a pleasant and mindful exploration through our music!

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"Eons To Eternity" is our latest album for 2017 with twilight tunes in exquisite early morning ragas: click here for details!

Read reviews of CDs: click here; and here; and here!   Read clips from reviews of CDs and concerts

Raj’s music is available through       iTunes          Amazon      

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Articles on the classical music of India:   music-article.pdf     brief_notes.pdf     Artigo_em_Portuguese.pdf    References

Notes on   Basic Definitions of Ragas   Association of Ragas with Time and Season

Notes for Sitar:   SitarNotesContents   Sitar1   Sitar2   Sitar3   Sitar4   Sitar5

Notes for the Bamboo Flute Bansuri:   BansuriNotesContents    Bansuri1    Bansuri2    Bansuri3    Bansuri4    Bansuri5    Bansuri6    Bansuri7

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Proposal for a Lecture-Demonstration on Hindustani Classical Music of India

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Raj's Bansuri with Pandit Ramdas Palsule on the Tabla: Raga Puriya Kalyan. SILPA Calgary 2017-04-30

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Raga Puriya Kalyan     Raga Narayani    A demo with Raga Mishra Mand    Raga Kirvani

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